Women in Mixed martial arts

Why Do Women Love Martial Arts Training?

Now MoreThan Ever Adult Women and Young Girls Are Taking Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and Joining Wrestling. Why?

Nina in martial arts grappling tournament

For many years martial arts training has been a part of culture.

In fact, some martial arts like wing chun and Judo were either created for or by Females!

And with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts mainly through the UFC and other fight promotions as well as Hollywood’s love affair with pro fighters it comes to no surprise that its being accepted more everyday by the mainstream as stated in this article in the sports section of newswire.net: newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00091198-mma-female-athletes.html

 Coach Riccardo said “Martial arts has always had an appeal for women,” says Riccardo.  “More for the self-defense angle, perhaps, than as a sport, but that’s really changed over the last 3 years and I thank women like Gina Carrera and Ronda Rousey for that shift.  Women are seeing that this is a sport, that it’s fun, healthy, and gives you confidence as you go through life.  All of us a Victory couldn’t be happier to see this shift to be more inclusive of Females young and old.”

In the article above you will find links to the full article on the Rise of Female Mixed Martial Arts Training in the future at go4martialarts.com

So, why have so many women started training in MMA?

It really comes down to Environment and Empowerment.

When we feel we are living in an unstable world with much uncertainty and fear present, we generally feel a loss of control or power. Everyone feels it but Women are more sensitive to it.

Training in Muay Thai Kickboxing & Jiu-Jitsu or Judo gives women the basic fundamentals of Self Defense and if you take classes at a World class School or gym, they will always tie the sport (which is the safe way to learn) back to the STREET!

What does that Equal?

Women generally feel more CONFIDENT, IN CONTROL and EMPOWERED not only when they are walking to their cars late at night but in every area of their lives!

That’s why so many Youth & Teens girls are taking lessons! A great gym will not only teach you the Sport & Self Defense but it also teaches them valuable LIFE SKILLS that will give them an edge on life into their adulthood.

Coach Riccardo also said:

“When a women learns Martial Arts and becomes proficient at the skills it transforms the way they look at their world, all things become possible. I know first hand watching my wife train over 10 years to get her Black Belt and also in countless other my wife has taught over the years.”

Yes, we are seeing much more female participation on Big fight cards and also on the big screen. Possibly it has opened eyes of women everywhere to what using martial arts as their preferred exercise regime over cardio classes or zumba has many MORE important benefits. Martial arts training classes get you in GREAT SHAPE, TEACHES YOU HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF and MAKES YOU MENTALLY TOUGHER.

When you see women like Rousy, Holmes, Tate and others. Females see the product of what they want!

Being completely lean and fit, knowing how to use your body as a tool to protect themselves and strong mentally to overcome obstacles which is a lesson you only learn through the rigors of training. But, if you train at the right school they challenge you progressively over time.

Coach Riccardo teaches at Victory Martial Arts Plainfield and encourages women of all ages to get started learning mixed martial arts and offers a FREE 14 Day Beginners Trial Introductory course where no experience is needed just a willingness to learn and become.

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