MMA Footwork

This video is a in depth look at how to apply Footwork for MMA.

It stops a couple seconds in – just click on the video and it will start back up.

Also, don’t forget that you can watch it in Full screen mode (Find it on the video player).

Please watch this video several times and watch it carefully!

Also, please leave your comments about what you learned about footwork from this video…

4 thoughts on “MMA Footwork”

  1. Yea, i first saw Cruz fight I became a fan. Th guys footwork is phenomenol, im definantly gonna take the advice and watch it as much as i can, and try to work the heavy bag in the same fashion!

  2. This type of commentary is perfect for the type of product you’re offering. A section on your site with MANY more of these would certainly make MMA Coach more appealing to your target customer.

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