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Welocome to our Mixed Martial Arts Resource Page

On this page you will find very helpful links to all things MMA including Training Classes and Gyms, Interesting Sites for Combat Sport Athletes, Supplements and Product Reviews.

Training Classes and Gyms:

On these pages you will be able to find Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts schools nation wide but mainly focusing on the Midwest!

Plainfield Illinois

Interesting Sites:

Because we are real world coaches and on the mat all the time we filter through a LOT of stuff on the internet about Combat Sports. Topics and links to MMA news hubs, the best Instructional YouTube videos, and the best sites to get training drills and coaching tips. We will even go into sites that specialize in fighter prep, nutrition, strength and condition and more. One stop all here at



Lots of real recommendations that we use at all of our gyms and affiliate academies. Enough said, check it out!


Product Reviews:

You need the scuttlebutt about what products are the best for the dollar. Heavy Bags, gloves, rash guards, shins you name it and its on our list to review 100% gym tested and researched. NO MORE wondering if those reviews you see on other sites are a PHONY.