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Grip Strength Exercises For MMA and BJJ

First, you have to understand that in order to train the grip, you not only do gripping style exercises, but you must also train the muscles on the opposite side of the joint. Most of the the exercises you probably … Read More

Circuits For Ultimate MMA Conditioning Using Medicine Ball and Power Exercises

In mixed-martial arts, rotational power of the core is crucial to the execution of explosive techniques, whether they be throws, punches, kicks, knees, or escapes. Failing to improve the strength and power of your core in rotational patterns will limit … Read More

Ultimate Core Stability Exercises For MMA Fighters Using the Swis

As Bruce Lee says, your core is the ‘centre of power.’ It’s where you generate explosive throws, knockout punches and kicks, and the ability to dominate your opponent on the ground. The first step to developing your core is to … Read More

MMA Specific Strength Training – Movements and Muscles

Unfortunately, most mixed-martial artists follow a strength training program designed for bodybuilders. If your program consists of chest, legs, and arms days, or any other body-part split, then you fall into this category too. So if you’re following a bodybuilding … Read More

MMA Conditioning Pyramid Circuit Workout

If you’re training consistently, then sometimes, the concrete walls of the gym can be a little boring. Especially when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect. When this is the case, knowing a few simple bodyweight exercises and … Read More

The Top 3 Medicine Ball Exercises For Ultimate MMA Power

When you picture most strength training exercises, you may notice that everything seems to be in straight lines. Contrast that with any mixed-martial arts technique and you may realize that there is one missing ingredient to most strength programs – … Read More

Breathing for Maximum Efficiency

Breathing is something we all take for granted. Because of that, many forget how to breath properly to maximize oxygen delivery to the muscles. Learning to control and master your breathing will increase your level of performance 10 fold and … Read More

MMA Conditioning – 3 Tips to Winning Fights That Go the Distance

If you’re a mixed-martial artist and you’ve been in a fight that’s gone the distance, then maybe you know the terrible feeling of having nothing left to give with 2 minutes left in a round. If you haven’t gone the … Read More